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DesignBuilder Simulation Training courses are a great way to learn best practice use of the software from the experts. Courses are suitable for new and experienced users alike and provide an excellent opportunity to learn the best modelling techniques.

Upcoming courses

Courses are modular – you may attend any one or more. For the last three days it is assumed that you have an understanding of the 3D modeller and Simulation aspects of DesignBuilder.

Date Location Description
16 October 2017 Pretoria
DesignBuilder Modeller

The first course is the introduction to the DesignBuilder interface, with a focus on model input information and drawing models.

17 October 2017 Pretoria
DesignBuilder Simulation

The focus of this course is on running simulations and extracting data from DesignBuilder.

18 October 2017 Pretoria
Using DesignBuilder for SANS 10400 XA

This course shows how DesignBuilder is easily used to comply with the SANS 10400 XA building regulation by following the building energy modelling route.

19 October 2017 Pretoria
DesignBuilder HVAC

This course shows how DesignBuilder is used to model modern HVAC systems down to component detail.

20 October 2017 Pretoria
DesignBulder Advanced Modules

The Advanced DesignBuilder training looks at other powerful modules and calculation functionality within the software. The course is structured in such a way that the two most popular topics will be covered. (1) CFD module (2) Daylighting module (3) Natural Ventilation Simulation (4) Optimisation module (5)Thermal Comfort.

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