DesignBuilder Building Performance Analysis Software

Which option is for you?

DesignBuilder is structured as a modular solution, comprising a core 3-D modeller and nine modules that work together to provide in-depth performance analysis for any building. Every module integrates fully with its counterparts, so you can pick individual modules or choose one of our packages.


For architects: If you’re designing a renovation or new-build project, DesignBuilder is perfect for early design stage simulations and compliance modelling.

  • Architectural Essentials: 3D Modeller with Simulation, Visualisation & Daylighting modules

  • Architectural Plus: 3D Modeller with Simulation, Visualisation, Daylighting, Cost & Optimisation modules

For engineers: Minimise the ‘energy gap’ for your clients with DesignBuilder’s advanced modelling.

  • Engineering Essentials: 3D Modeller with Simulation, Visualisation, Daylighting, Cost, HVAC & LEED modules

  • Engineering Plus: 3D Modeller with Simulation, Visualisation, Daylighting, Cost, HVAC, LEED, Optimisation & Scripting modules

  • Engineering Pro: 3D Modeller with Simulation, Visualisation, Daylighting, Cost, HVAC, LEED, Optimisation, Scripting & CFD modules

For academic institutions: Universities worldwide use DesignBuilder for teaching since it is accessible to learn, and for research since it is so powerful. Any of the above packages may be licensed to a learning institution.


  • 3-D Modeller - The core module, our efficient 3-D building modeller.
  • Visualisation - Visualisation: Stunning rendered images and site shading analysis.
  • Simulation - EnergyPlus simulations for energy and comfort analyses.
  • Daylighting - Reports daylight factors and illuminance using Radiance.
  • HVAC - A powerful and flexible interface to EnergyPlus HVAC.
  • Cost - Early stage building cost estimation.
  • LEED - LEED EAp2 and ASHRAE 90.1 calculations.
  • Optimisation - Multi-criteria optimisation to help meet design goals.
  • Scripting - Access to the EnergyPlus Energy Management System allows you to customise the behaviour of the HVAC equipment, controls and facades with sophisticated logic and custom integration with other codes.
  • CFD - Computational Fluid Dynamics calculates distribution of air properties such as velocity, temperature and pressure in and around buildings.

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