DesignBuilder Pricing DesignBuilder is available in various packages

DesignBuilder is available in various packages to suit individual requirements.

Single User Licences

Single user licences allow the user to install DesignBuilder on a single machine (and move it between machines). Both packages and individual modules are available.

The prices shown below are indicative - please consult the full price list for more details. Customers outside of the Republic of South Africa should consult our international price list.

Package Annual licence Perpetual V. 6 licence
Architectural Essentials
R 19 870 R 35 560
Architectural Plus
R 29 290 R 58 590
Engineering Essentials
R 29 290 R 58 590
Engineering Plus
R 41 840 R 81 610
Engineering Pro
R 66 960 R 119 280
Engineering Pro (Student Personal Licence only)
R 1 680 R (Annual only)
Prices include VAT at 15 %.

Site & Seat (Network) Licences

A network licence allows a customer to install DesignBuilder licence server software on a single server machine. This machine then distributes module seat licences to the various computers on a shared network. Licencing of off-site machines is possible using VPN and similar technology, and is allowed by the licence agreement.

Pricing is "per seat" with the exception of the site network licence for the server. For further information and pricing, please contact our sales department -

Annual vs Perpetual

DesignBuilder (in all formats above) is licensed to the user on either an annual or a perpetual basis.

  • Annual licences require renewal each year. Users are eligible for all upgrades on the modules that they have purchased, for free.
  • COVID-19 Update: To assist our customers in these difficult times we also offer 3-month and 6-month licences, priced at 25% and 50% of the annual price respectively. This presents a reduced cash flow requirement and reduced risk, without any loss in value-for-money.
  • A perpetual licence is paid for only once. There is no additional or annual cost involved after the initial purchase. The customer can download all upgrades within the same major release, for free. For instance, should you buy DesignBuilder V6.0, all subsequent V6.x upgrades of the modules you initially bought are available at no additional cost.


Greenplan Consultants, in partnership with DesignBuilder UK, offers discounts as follows.

Type Discount Requirements
Early renewal
10% Applicable to customers renewing their annual licence before it expires
40% Applicable to customers on a perpetual licence, upgrading from DesignBuilder v.5 to v.6
20% Applicable to customers on a perpetual licence, upgrading from DesignBuilder v.4 to v.6
10% Applicable to customers on a perpetual licence, upgrading from DesignBuilder v.3 to v.6
50% Proof from University that licences will be used for academic purposes only
See our price list for special pricing on student personal licences.


To order DesignBuilder, please download and complete a purchase order form and return to

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