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Computational Fluid Dynamics for the Built Environment

Advanced capabilities for CFD analysis in a variety of applications

CFD results for a jet fan

Our team has more than a decade of experience in applying Computational Fluid Dynamics analysis to a number of fields, from biology to the built environment. We can tackle a variety of CFD projects at competitive rates, using our expertise coupled with software suitable for the task at hand. We use both in-house computer hardware and rented high performance computing facilities as required.

Key applications

  • Wind studies and HVAC airflow modelling for the built environment.
  • Smoke analysis to inform building ventilation design.
  • General industrial analysis, such as mixing of liquids.
  • Dispersion of contaminants and pollutants in air.
  • Tracking of droplets from a cough or sneeze - for applications related to airborne viral or bacterial infection.

See our case study featuring a smoke ventilation analysis of a 27 000 m² parking garage, using multiple software packages and significant high performance computing resources.

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