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Ensure good use of natural daylight and visual comfort in your designs through accurate illuminance contour plots generated by the state of the art Daylighting module.

DesignBuilder promotional image for the daylight module

The Daylighting module calculates daylight illuminance, average daylight factor and uniformity outputs for each zone using the advanced Radiance simulation engine. Daylighting key features:

  • Calculate Green Star credits (also: 'Right to Light', LEED, BREEAM).
  • Generate high quality illuminance contour plots to illustrate daylight availability within each zone, block or slice through the whole building.
  • Full multi-zone simulation covering transmission of light through exterior and interior windows.
  • Create photo-realistic rendered images in visualisation module.
  • Average daylight factors and uniformity data can be shown in tabular reports.

For more information see our YouTube Channel, or read about the software's modules in detail on the DesignBuilder website.

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