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This module focuses on running EnergyPlus simulations and extracting results from DesignBuilder. It is taken together with the first module (3D Modelling). Two CPD points are available from both SACAP and ECSA, for the two modules taken together.

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This module covers:

  • Importing weather data.
  • Understanding the various model options.
  • Sizing heating and cooling systems using EnergyPlus.
  • Working with EnergyPlus Simple HVAC.
  • Running EnergyPlus simulations using real weather data and checking building energy consumption, occupant comfort etc.
  • Understanding how to analyse and extract simulation data.
  • Introducing Simulation manager for setting up batch simulations.
  • Using results viewer to analyse data.

For more information see our YouTube Channel, or read about the software's modules in detail on the DesignBuilder website.

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