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SANS 10400-XA

This module shows how DesignBuilder is used to demonstrate a building's compliance with the National Building Regulations Part XA, by following the building energy modelling route. One CPD point is available from both SACAP and ECSA.

SANS 10400-XA rational assessment promotional image

For this module we require the following:

  1. That you have completed the DesignBuilder 3D Modelling & Simulation modules.
  2. That you have a thorough understanding of SANS 10400 XA. (It is highly recommended that you complete a suitable training course in Part XA generally).

The following will be covered:

  • Brief introduction and overview of SANS 10400 XA rational assessment.
  • Following the Greenplan protocol for setting up a rational assessment in DesignBuilder.
  • Working through an example from start to finish.
  • An example of Greenplan's results post-processing.
  • An example of Greenplan's typical report structure.

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