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Detailed HVAC

This module explores how DesignBuilder is used to model modern HVAC systems down to component detail. One ECSA CPD point is available.

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For this course module we require that you have completed the DesignBuilder 3D Modelling & Simulation modules. We cover the following:

  • Understand the relationship between DesignBuilder and EnergyPlus and how data is exchanged between the programmes.
  • Access the EnergyPlus folder to view in.idf, eplusout.rdd and eplusout.eso files.
  • Use the DesignBuilder Results viewer to view in-depth HVAC data.
  • Output detailed HVAC data to Excel.
  • Understand EnergyPlus supply and demand loops.
  • Set up a new, detailed HVAC system, starting from pre-defined templates or from scratch, using HVAC design tools.
  • Add zone groups to accommodate areas served by different HVAC types.
  • Modify characteristics of individual components in an HVAC system.
  • Add additional chillers and set up chiller staging.
  • Modify controllers (e.g. chiller set-points).
  • Understand the EnergyPlus chiller model and input your own chiller performance curves.
  • Perform post-processing of cooling and heating load data using your actual component performance data to obtain hourly energy results.

For more information see our YouTube Channel, or read about the software's modules in detail on the DesignBuilder website.

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